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The Mystique of Racing Games

Can someone explain to me the appeal of racing games?!

Ever since I bought my 360 I have turned into such a graphics whore. Gameplay has slowly become secondary to my quest to display the very best visuals on my HD set. Even playing the Halo 3 Beta was painful because I had to suffer through torrents of jaggies in order to frag some fools. As I searched for the best looking games, I came to the realization that the 360’s showcase graphics were in racing games.

Have you guys seen DiRT? If there is any game to challenge Motorstorm's crown for graphics it is this game. But it doesn't end there. Hell, even Project Gotham Racing 3 still competes visually and it's a launch title! Given this, why the hell am I not picking up racing games left and right?

Well, the simple reason is that I hate racing games. I loathe the idea or driving around in circles to finish faster than your opponents so that you can go on to the next race to do it again and again. Yes, I did play some Mario Kart in my younger days, but the enjoyment I derived from it can be attributed to the decidedly non-race battle mode.

As you can see, I am in a bit of a pickle. Do I suffer through gameplay I hate to enjoy the high def visuals or do I hold out and hope that Mass Effect delivers graphically? Wait a sec, aren't there game trailers on Live Marketplace? Graphics with none of the repetitive gameplay? Sold!

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