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She's Questing Now!

It's finally happened. She's playing video games!

We were on vacation last week and she was playing Puzzle Quest. I asked her how she was doing and she said she was having fun because she was playing the Quest Mode and not just the random puzzles. She even said, "I'm almost the same level as you."

That makes my heart flitter.

To think that a girl - someone I'm romantically involved with - would actually have more playing time than me on a game I enjoy just makes me so happy. Of course, there's only two buttons involved and of those buttons is a touch screen, but still...

Now, I've just got to get her used to two analog sticks. Today: Puzzle Quest, tomorrow: Gears of War. Next week: Ikaruga?

A guy can dream can't he?*

*This is not a rhetorical question, please put your answers in the comments below.

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