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Every time I play poker and win, I leave with such a freakin' rush and that scares me to no end. I know exactly what happens to people who get cocky (especially people who aren't particularly good at poker) and I always try to calm myself down. I can't help it though - it feels good to win!

We played last night and tonight. I doubled up last night and I won first place tonight. I say doubled up but not really. My wife was also playing and so that means we both played with OUR money.

What that means is, if we both lose, then we lose double the buy-in. If we win, we don't really get the full amount because we've paid more than everyone else (that isn't married). If one of us wins and then other loses then we sort of break even (depending on what the payout is). This can get confusing during play.

I can get aggressive when I play and Meridith doesn't like that. She likes to relax and have fun. The problem is, you can't relax and have fun when money is on the line so she's a nervous wreck (and I'm the enemy). I try to remind her that it's OUR money, but that doesn't work. She still gets mad at me if I try to bully her.

I always feel like we are rooting for each other so it doesn't matter. If one of us wins, then we both win. WHY CAN'T SHE SEE THIS!

This marriage will never last... or will it?


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