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Next-Gen Minesweeper To Use Doom III Engine

12.08.05 - Id Software has announced it's developing a new update on the classic strategy game, Minesweeper, using the critically acclaimed Doom III engine.

The update will feature a stunning 3D minefield complete with the dynamic shadows and atmospheric lighting that Doom III is famous for. The new Minesweeper game is being described by the developers as "chilling," "suspenseful," and "a refreshing take on the Minesweeper franchise."

"Danger will be around every corner," says director Adrian Carmack, who spearheaded the production of the Doom III engine. "Players will be expected to anxiously scour their surroundings with their flashlight, looking for suspect areas upon which to plant their marking flags." But be careful, he warns, "one false step and it's all over. It takes a lot of skill to wear the sunglasses." Id hopes to release Minesweeper II in 2006 for the PC and Xbox 360.

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I can't wait for the movie adaption.

I heard a rumor that as long as you dont touch the floor the bombs wont explode. Also its said that the if you beat the hardest diffuculty fast enough, you get some hidden screenshots of Duke Nukem Forevers new box art...

I hear Parker Brothers is going to make a sequel to Stratego using the Uncle Wiggly engine.

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