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Gamestop, EB Games Merge, Employees Doubly Stupid

12.09.05 - Now that Gamestop and EB Games have merged, you might think that store employees would be more knowledgeable.

"There's this, sort of, interesting theory that when groups of people get together they get stronger," said Dr. Trit Kilson, a video game retailer watchdog and psychologist, based out of Montclairton, R.I. "They take all that they know and combine it into a cluster of knowledge. Not so with EB Games and Gamestop employees."

According to Kilson, not only do these store employees know nothing about video games, when combined, they know even less.

"It's important to note that, according to science, it's not physically possible to know a negative amount of knowledge," said Kilson. "That's why I'm absolutely baffled by this. It breaks all the laws of logic."

"Not all video game employees are dumb," said Gamestop manager Mitchell Wurtzler. "Some of our employees are going to college and some of them even play video games from time to time. We really care about what our customers are playing and I think that going to college and playing video games once in awhile really shows that. Did you know that we have a two for two sale this week? Bring in two brand new, unopened non-used games and you'll get two extra dollars of trade-in only credit."

This merger will make Gamestop the biggest video game retailer in the country and will solidify their place as the number one seller of something they know nothing about.

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Ummm Im an Ex-GameStop employee. I know more about games than anyone here! You wanna fight about it?

to quote point break.
"if you even knew that you knew nothing that would be something"

"Ummm Im an Ex-GameStop employee. I know more about games than anyone here!"

Key words being 'Ex-GameStop Employee'

Actully Negative Knowledge does exsist. They should really bone up on there Quantium Theory's before writing this article.

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